Registration Policies

General Registration Policies

  • Players whose registrations are received after the “closing” date of each season will be placed on waiting lists until space becomes available on teams in their respective age groups.
  • There is NO multiple child discount when submitting registration in any manner other than in person at the designated registration times.
  • All division 4 (recreational) teams are formed on as even a basis as possible, taking into account the players’ school, age, etc. The Redding Youth Soccer League does NOT accept parent requests for player’s team placement.
  • All players wishing to participate on a division 3 team MUST participate in at least one try-out.
  • All registration submitted in any manner except in person at the designated registration times, will be subject to a $10 handling fee if it is incorrect or missing any of the required items. If the registration is incomplete, it will be returned to you with a request for the additional fee and a checklist of the missing items.
  • Minimal overpayments of registration fees ($5-$20) will not be returned, but will be deemed a “donation” to the league. Please check dates and amounts carefully.
  • Returned (bounced) checks will incur an additional handling fee of $20 and must be made good with a bank check or money order. We will not re-deposit checks or take a new personal check for your child’s registration. Unpaid registration will cause your child to be removed fromhis/her team.

RYSL Division 4 Team Formation Policy (Approved March 2008)

The Redding Youth Soccer League forms its Division 4 (recreation) teams in accordance with the California Youth Soccer Association Team Formation Policies. In essence those policies require us to form teams that are as balanced as possible. In keeping with those policies, we try to group players by area and/or schools as much as possible.

RYSL also allows head coaches to “request” up to four players (including his/her own child) to be placed onto his/her team. HOWEVER this is not a guarantee that these players will be on that team as we have to satisfy other team formation qualifications.

Military Service Discount Policy (Approved March 2008)

Children of active duty military personnel will play at no cost within RYSL (registration fee only).

RYSL Recreation Registration Fee Refund Policy (Revised December 1, 2013)

General Registration Fee Refund Policy

Whenever a player is withdrawn for any reason, upon submittal of the required Refund Request Form from the player’s parent/guardian, a refund of fees paid may be made by the Redding Youth Soccer League in accordance with the following Refund of Fees Schedule.  A reduction in refund is for any fees paid out by Redding Youth Soccer League for State registration, uniforms or online registration convenience fees.  A refund of any fees paid out by RYSL shall not be refundable.  Refunds are not available once the player has participated in practices and/or matches.

Request Submittal Received Percent of Refund
Fall Season: July 1
Spring Season: March 1
Fall Season: July 2 and thereafter
Spring Season: March 2 and thereafter


The Refund Request Form (found here) MUST be filled out appropriately and mailed to:
Redding Youth Soccer League
Attn: Refund Request
PO Box 991523
Redding, CA 96099-1523

RYSL “Mail-In Registration” Policy (Approved March 2006)

General Mail-in Policy

The Redding Youth Soccer League will impose no additional fees for on-time, properly submitted player registrations that are submitted via postal mail. On-time to be defined as those registrations postmarked prior to the “close of registration” (typically 3-4 days after the last in person registration).

Registrations submitted via postal mail, on-time but incomplete (missing signatures, pictures, etc), will be returned with a letter noting the deficiency. Additionally, this letter will inform the applicant they are now subject to an additional handling fee of $10. Upon return of the completed paperwork, with the additional fee, the player will be then placed into the process (either into the “pile” or onto the waiting list depending on timing).

Registrations submitted via postal mail will NOT be eligible for multi-player family discounts. Those discounts shall ONLY apply during in-person registrations and are intended as an additional incentive to attract volunteers at the in-person dates.

To aid those that signup via postal mail, the registration form provided on the website will also include a checklist of things to include. This was implemented in late February 2006.



RYSL has two main registration periods. January for the Spring Season and May for the Fall Season of play. We notify all members via direct mail, the website, email, newspaper and other media outlets of the upcoming registration events.



We get asked some of the same questions on a regular basis. We've tried to cover the most frequent ones on the FAQ page. Everything from season length to what your child needs to play. Perhaps you can find your question and answer here? If not, feel free to drop us a line!


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