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2023/2024 NSS Registration Instructions

Player registration is now open for all players on all Kaos, Missfits, and CDA teams. Please follow the instructions below to register your player for North State Soccer. 


How to Register my player:

Step 1: Click an NSS Registration button above. Kaos for boys 2013-2005; Missfits for girls 2013-2005; CDA for boys and girls 2014-2016

Step 2a: If you are a new family to North State Soccer, welcome! Click 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT'. Proceed to Step 3.

Step 2b: If you are returning it is likely that you and your player are already in the data base. Enter your email as the username and click 'Forgot Password?' You will receive a password to that email (If the system cannot find your profile, it may be that your profile is linked with a different email, or an email address of your player or spouse) If you are successful please skip to Step 4. If not you may need to go to Step 2a


Step 3: Fill out the information regarding your player (registrant) and yourself. At the bottom you will be asked to enter an email address as a username and a password. This Username address will be important to remember when accessing your account in the future. Click 'Sign Up'.

Step 4: Click the 'Register' button for the player you are wanting to register; or click 'Add Family Member' register button if you have another player that you wish to create a profile for.

Step 5: Proceed through the Registration pages

  • Profile: Complete any additional information. Upload a photo of your player' headshot. This will be the photo used on their player card and must be clear and up close. Click 'Save'

  • Parents: You have already created one parent profile that should be selected. You may add up to three more additional parent profiles if desired. These profiles require unique email addresses. Click 'Continue'

  • Emergency Info: Complete the required emergency information and click 'Continue'

  • Playing Group: This should be automatically selected as your player's age group. Examples: 2012 is u10; 2007 is u15. (*Players that are playing up an age group will need to select from the drop down menu the age group above them)

  • Team: This should be automatically the team you have been selected for. If not, try going back and selecting a different playing group. Click 'Continue'

  • Registration: Here you may be prompted to complete a US Club Form R002. You may also asked to upload a photo of your player's birth certificate. Please do both and click 'Save' or 'Continue' *If you do not have a birth certificate on hand you may sign and skip this step, however your player must have this document uploaded in order to play. If you skip this step you will need to go into your account at a later time and upload the certificate.

  • Payment: Select your payment option (CDA players will have an additional option for a payment plan)

  • *Features: If you were given a voucher code from your coach you may enter that here. This option may not appear for you.

Step 6: Checkout. Please complete your payment information. Click 'Pay'

Congratulations! You have completed North State Soccer Player registration. We are excited that you are part of this amazing Club and are looking forward to making great memories on the field this season.

*The national registration system for US Club was changed this year to GotSport and we have been working very hard to create a seamless registration process for your family. As with all launches of new software it is likely that there may be a few unforeseen hiccups in the system. Thank you for your patience if you run into one of these hiccups.

In the event of a holdup in the registration process for your player:

1. Please visit the GotSport ZenDesk first when encountering an issue, as the solution may be simple. CLICK HERE FOR ZENDESK

2. Reach out to your Team Manager or Coach to assist in the process.

3. If your Coach or Team Manager is unable to assist they will reach out to a Club official to assist you either directly or through an FAQ.

Club officials will compile all questions and issues and release an FAQ on how to solve these issues by July 23.

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