NSS CDA 2012 and 2013 Boys and Girls

Director Eric Johnson

Contact eric.johnson9234@gmail.com

Assistant Director Steve Hofferber

Competitive Development Academy

NSS Kaos '11

Head Coach Griffin Trayford

Contact griffin.trayford@gmail.com

Assistant Coach TBA

Kaos '11

NSS Missfits '11

Head Coach: Eric Johnson

Contact: eric.johnson9234@gmail.com

Assistant Coach TBA

Missfits '11

NSS Kaos '10

Head Coach Michael Caranci

Contact caranci.soccer@gmail.com

Assistant Coach Andrew Scott

Kaos '10

NSS Missfits '10

Head Coach: Rachelle Weston, Sarah Geyer

Contact: maryrachelleweston@outlook.com

Assistant Coach Matt Tate

Team Manager TBA

Missfits '10

NSS Kaos '09

Head Coach Daniel Valdivia

Contact dvaldivia_us@yahoo.com

Assistant Coach Randy Tate

Assistant Coach Keith Stewart

Team Manager Daniel Valdivia

Kaos '09


NSS Missfits '09

Head Coach Alex Gaxiola

Contact arsmog19@gmail.com

Assistant Coach Rebecca Gaxiola

Team Manager Nicole Rose

Missfits '09

NSS Kaos Rebels '08

Head Coach Jesse Miller

Contact jesse@shastasafety.com

Assistant Coach TBA 

Team Manager Jesse Miller

Kaos Rebels '08

NSS Missfits Crazy '08

Head Coach Todd Clarkson

Contact tnjclarkson@sbcglobal.net

Assistant Coach Matthew Silva

Assistant Coach Eric Johnson

Team Manager Todd Clarkson

Missfits Crazy '08

NSS Kaos Arsenal '07

Head Coach Andrew Copeland

Contact acopemail@gmail.com

Assistant Coach Matt Paul

Team Manager Andrew Copeland

Kaos Arsenal '07

NSS Missfits Xtreme '07

Head Coach Kandice Thompson

Contact xtremesoccer2007@gmail.com

Assistant Coach Randy Tate

Assistant Coach Alex Gaxiola

Assistant Coach Sean O'Hara

Assistant Coach Katie Jones

Missfits Xtreme '07

NSS Kaos Titans '06

Head Coach Leo Perez

Contact lperez@suhsd.net

Assistant Coach Matt Paul

Assistant Coach Andrew Boesiger

Team Manager Leo Perez

Kaos Titans '06

NSS Missfits Adrenaline '06

Head Coach Matt Pinnell

Contract socr@thepinnells.net

Assistant Coach Matt Miles

Assistant Coach Kendall Nadin

Team Manager Leslie Miles

Missfits Adrenaline '06

NSS Kaos Strykers 17U

Head Coach Brian Seamans

Contact bseamans@iwins.com

Assistant Coach Griffin Trayford

Assistant Coach Ryan Richardson

Team Manager Brian Seamans

Kaos Strykers 17U

NSS Missfits Shockers 17U

Head Coach Brian Salado

Contact bsalado@tregonline.com

Assistant Coach Royce Greenfield

Team Manager Ed Schneider

Missfits Shockers 17U

NSS Kaos Fury 19U

Head Coach Jamie Fleming

Contact jfleming@suhsd.net

Assistant Coach Matt Pinnell

Assistant Coach Tom Fleming

Assistant Coach Matt Miles

Team Manager Leslie Miles

Kaos Fury 19U

NSS Missfits Mavericks 19U

Head Coach Brian Salado

Assistant Coach Royce Greenfield

Assistant Coach Mark King

Team Manager TBA

Contact bsalado@tregonline.com

Missfits Mavericks 19U

nss mavericks 02.jpg