RYSL NOTICE: as of 6.01.20 10:00pm

June 1, 2020

After holding out as long as we could, to give you all a chance to play the season, the time has come to cancel the spring season. We are very sorry for those of you who are still really wanting to play, but we look forward to the fall season. Details about registration for fall will be coming out within a week. The support and letters of thanks have been received and we sure appreciate all the support you have offered. We look forward to an exciting future...and new fields at the California Soccer Park! In the meantime, we want to see how you have been improving, so show us what you have been up to by sending us pictures and videos of your new tricks, footwork, and training- check with your parents before uploading. You can upload here: https://forms.gle/oAyBC1B3rjPZPDKp8

As noted in previous communications, we can offer a 70% refund for the spring season. Although we know some families are struggling during this time and wish we could offer 100%, that is not possible. We are sorry about the situation. There is an in-depth explanation regarding the refund on our website, but basically, we collect a certain amount of money for registration, then we spend money to offer the best soccer season we can. Although the players did not get to play, if you take 100% and spend 30% it equals 70%, meaning the 100% is not available. Again, we apologize, but there are no exceptions. We are a nonprofit, here to serve the players, not to make money. For the same reason, there will be no rollovers to the fall season. This would amount to the same financial problem.

As always, we are looking for ways to continue to offer the community great soccer and if you are able to donate your spring funds to the league, there is nothing more you need to do at this time, we will put the donation to good use for the kids. If you do want your 70% refund, you will need to send an email stating to issue a refund to registrar@reddingsoccer.com and include your player's name and age. Allow 3-4 weeks for the funds to be in your account, the card you paid with will be credited.

Refund requests will be cut-off on June 20th. Please send your request for a refund ASAP if you opt for one.

There are a lot of soccer players and there may be questions after this news so we will not be able to return calls and emails quickly. Please allow up to a week for responses. In the past few months, there has not been a question asked that has not already been answered in the information on the www.reddingsoccer.com home page. the Board of Directors put a lot of time and thought into the information released on that page, so please read it if you have questions and they will likely be answered. 

Thank you and look out for a registration email for fall season coming within a week.

RYSL NOTICE: as of 4.08.20 7:00pm

April 8, 2020

Hello RYSL Members,


We hope this email finds you well during these uncertain times.  Thank you for your patience and continued support. While we have received hundreds of positive emails with appreciative feedback, we understand what a difficult time both financially and emotionally this is for our soccer family and are reaching out to address members who have remaining questions and concerns.  The RYSL board met via teleconference on April 6th and are writing to clarify & update our refund policy as well as explain the difficult financial decision we were forced to make this spring season. We value each of our members and please know that none of these decisions have been taken lightly or are intended to cause further hardship to our soccer families. We are a non-profit organization and the goal is not to make money, but to serve the community. 

First, we'd like to make sure you were aware that RYSL and the California Soccer Park are two separate organizations.  We both work together to create the best soccer experience possible for our community. Your registration fees go towards expenses such as uniforms, gear, league fees, bookkeeping, insurance, registration, website maintenance, marketing, and the use of California Soccer Park’s facility.  We contract services with the California Soccer Park, which is also facing financial challenges. Sadly, like many of you, over 90% of their employees had to be laid off with the enormous loss of income for the spring. Despite the season being cancelled and/or postponed, RYSL has spent nearly one third of the registration fees paying for contracted services and is anticipating more costs coming in.

The board determined to allow for two options with regards to refunds.  The first option was, for those able and/or willing, to donate your registration fees to support the league, and the second option was to provide a 70% refund.  We are hoping that between the combination of those two options, the league will remain financially solvent. If we are unable to meet these financial obligations, the league may cease to exist.    

Regarding 6U through 10U,  these age divisions are part of our in-house league which we have been forced to cancel. Spring season can't be rescheduled to a later date as the California Soccer Park has been closed until turf replacement can be completed.  Players can look forward to playing on the new fields in the Fall!


RYSL divisions 12U and above have been included this Spring in CalNorth Soccer District IX’s Walt Zinko Playing League, and as such they are anticipating the possibility of being able to play a late Spring Season during the summer month if restrictions are lifted. Games would not be played at California Soccer Park due to turf replacement.   

The following update to RYSL Spring 2020 Refund Policy is as follows:

1. 6U, 8U and 10U, spring 2020 season has been cancelled. The deadline to request your 70% refund has been extended to APRIL 15th. We still need your donation if you are in a position to offer it. There would be no need to respond if you are donating your registration fee, but if you want a 70% refund, follow the instructions below.

Send an email with your players name to registrar@reddingsoccer.com. No refunds will be considered after April 15th for 6U, 8U or 10U.

 2.    For 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U, who are part of the Walt Zinko Playing League, all information regarding viability of a WZPL late spring season will be first decided by CalNorth District IX. Upon which time,  RYSL will communicate all details to older divisions as pertinent information becomes available. Members not able to play in a possible late spring season may request a 70% refund at any time.  The board will update a refund deadline for older age divisions at the May 4th meeting or at which time the fate of WZPL’s spring 2020 season is decided.  

3.    You can continue to read the updates on our website at www.reddingsoccer.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why are you keeping 30% of my registration when my player didn’t even make it on the field?

Response: We were days away from beginning our spring season and have already incurred and paid for costs such as registrar services, insurance and field reservations.  The league must pay for our obligations to remain solvent and therefore is unable to offer 100% refunds.

Question: Why can’t the league just credit me for the fall 2020 season?

Response: Costs for spring 2020 have already been incurred and paid from our spring registration fee.  A fall credit would be equivocal to a 100% refund and leave the league unable to fulfill its financial obligations


Question: I bought a punch card(s), can I get a refund for those?

Response: YES! 100% refund is available upon request but please keep in mind those punch cards were sold at a pre-season discounted price and price will go up in the fall.  The park will have your purchased punch card(s) available in the office for pick up in fall if you’d like to keep your purchased card.


Question: When will I receive my 70% refund

Response: Expect your refund to be processed by the end of April.


Question: Do I need to request a refund or is it automatically given?

Response: 70% refund must be requested via email, with the name of player included to registrar@reddingsoccer.com


Question: When is the refund deadline?

Response: April 15th for 6U, 8U and 10U.*

Question: *What about WZPL players?

Response: RYSL is waiting to hear from District IX about a late spring season, but players not interested in the possible summertime spring season may request a 70% refund. *WZPL player refund deadline will be extended pending a decision made by that league.


Our priority remains to support our soccer community. We wish you the best of health and safety during these challenging times. Unfortunately due to the reduced staffing in the registrar's office and increased amount of correspondence, it is not possible to reply to every individual email.  We will continue to do our best to address generalized questions and concerns via our website and mass emails. Thank you again for your understanding and support through these uncharted ventures. 


RYSL Board Members


RYSL NOTICE: as of 3.15.20 7:00pm

Redding Youth Soccer League Friends and Families,

As we are all dealing with the ever-changing landscape of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, the RYSL Board of Directors held an emergency meeting Sunday to discuss the spring season of soccer. Here is what was decided:

1. The governing body of RYSL (Cal North Soccer) has suspended all soccer activities until April 15th. We are at least delayed until then.
2. Given that delay, and the overall situation with COVID-19, we are taking the following steps:
   1. For U6, U8 and U10 RYSL in-house/non-travel players, we are cancelling Spring 2020 season as it is currently structured. Once the restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted, we are going to work to put together a soccer event to bring the kids back to play.
   2. For U12, U14 and U19 RYSL Walt Zinko Playing League/traveling players, we will delay our decision until the week of April 6th.
If there is a change in directive regarding public gatherings, these teams would participate in Walt Zinko Playing League.
   3. For NSS players, all games and training continue to be suspended until further notice. We will return to practice and play as soon as possible, and as dictated by the leagues in which we play and public health officials.
3. Refunds:
   1. Please consider donating your registration fee to RYSL by not requesting a refund in order to cover costs which have already been incurred.
   2. For U6, U8 and U10 RYSL Players:
      1. A 70% Refund will be offered by request. To request a refund please email registrar@reddingsoccer.com. Include the player name(s) for which a refund is requested.
      2. Refund requests for U6, U8 and U10 RYSL players shall be accepted until April 5th. After April 5th, no refunds will be granted for these divisions.
   3. For U12, U14 and U19 RYSL players:
      1. Refunds will be considered after a decision is made regarding the season the week of April 6th.
   4. For NSS players:
       1. Work with your coaches regarding the status of fees paid.
5. Next steps
    1. Expect further communication from RYSL the week of April 6th regarding this developing situation.
    2. Thank you for your patience and support of RYSL and the Redding soccer community. We look forward to the eventual return to play for all kids.