Registration Policies

League Policies to help clarify our rules and procedures
RYSL Recreation Registration Fee Refund Policy
(Revised Nov 6 2017)

Whenever a player registration is withdrawn - for any reason - a Refund Request Form must be submitted by player’s parent/guardian. Upon receipt of the form, the Redding Youth Soccer League may issue a refund in accordance with the Refund of Fees Schedule shown below. The Redding Youth Soccer League does not offer full refunds once registration has been submitted. The reduction in refund is for fees paid out by the Redding Youth Soccer League for State Association registration, uniforms and/or online registration convenience fees. Should the season be cancelled due to COVID-19, refunds will be processed less the transaction fee.

Registration fees may NOT be carried over to the next season.

Request Submittal Received By:

Fall Season - July 1 - 90%

Spring Season - March 1 - 90%

Up to three weeks prior to first match of the season - 70%

Within three weeks of the start of the season or later - No refunds without prior board approval

The Refund Request Form MUST be filled out appropriately and emailed to:

General Registration Policies
  • Players whose registrations are received after the “closing” date of each season will be placed on waiting lists until space becomes available on teams in their respective age groups. If a space does not come available, we will cancel the registration and refund any fees paid. We will typically notify you about a week before the season if the player cannot be placed.

  • All recreational teams are formed on as even a basis as possible, taking into account the players’ school, age, etc.

  • Minimal over-payments of registration fees ($5-$20) will not be returned, but will be deemed a “donation” to the league. Please check dates and amounts carefully.

  • Returned (bounced) checks will incur an additional handling fee of $20 and must be made good with a bank check or money order. We will not re-deposit checks or take a new personal check for your child’s registration. Unpaid registration will cause your child to be removed from his/her team.

RYSL Recreational Team Formation Policy
(Approved March 2008)

The Redding Youth Soccer League forms its recreation teams in accordance with the California Youth Soccer Association Team Formation Policies. In essence those policies require us to form teams that are as balanced as possible. In keeping with those policies, we try to group players by area and/or schools as much as possible.

RYSL also allows head coaches to “request” up to four players (including his/her own child) to be placed onto his/her team. HOWEVER this is not a guarantee that these players will be on that team as we have to satisfy other team formation qualifications.

Military Service Discount Policy
(Approved March 2008)

Children of active duty military personnel will play at no cost within RYSL (registration fee only).