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Competitive Development Academy

North State Soccer offers the Competitive Developmental Academy (CDA) for 10 & Under players as a pathway into competitive soccer. This year-round program offers your player top level, age-appropriate training by experienced coaches with a very reasonable time and travel commitment. The lower cost, compared to the associated costs with normal travel ball, makes the CDA the most affordable entry point to the next level of soccer in our area. Our goal is to prepare players interested in playing at a competitive level without committing players & families to constant travel.

The CDA focuses on the developmental needs of our young soccer players. A strong technical foundation is key for our future players' success as well as emphasis on the development of their motor skills to shape them into high performing athletes. At the core of everything, players are given freedom to have fun and cultivate a passion for soccer that will last a lifetime. As per North State Soccer’s club philosophy, a premium will be placed on positive habits and values taught through teamwork, effort, responsibility and commitment.

Our program consists of two main sessions during the fall & spring seasons and two shorter sessions in the summer & winter. The sessions are planned to follow one another in terms of player development, however we understand the needs of some families that may choose to skip a session or to enter/depart from the CDA between sessions.

Competitive Development Academy format:

  • Two 90-minute training sessions per week

  • Ten Intra-Academy matches during each fall and spring sessions

  • Four to five competitions against other Clubs including home matches and away Nor Cal Play dates

  • One away tournament during each fall and spring sessions

The teams for all academy competitions – in-house games and competitions against outside teams - will change every few weeks. This allows CDA players to play with and get to know all players in the academy pool while also allowing coaches to manage the rosters to ensure that games are competitive.

The program is intended for players with 2013 birthdates, but 2014 players may also participate if their interest and focus is appropriate.

The Competitive Development Academy is directed by Coach Eric Johnson and North State Soccer Director of Coaching Griffin Trayford, and is staffed with other NSS competitive coaches and parent-coaches who may continue to coach competitive teams from this age group into the future.

Academy Assessment training sessions for prospective players are planned for late June or early July of 2022 – exact dates are dependent on health directives.  Attending the assessment trainings are recommended but not required for prospective academy players.  At the assessments parents & players will have the opportunity to find out more about the academy program, and academy staff can assess player skills and numbers of players interested. Prospective academy players are encouraged to attend!

Estimated Fee Schedule for 2022/2023 Academy:

  • 2021/2022 Total Registration Fee: $380.00   [divided into $60 for registration, $160 for summer/fall and $160 for winter/spring]

  • Your Registration Fee includes:

    • US Club Registration and Player Card

    • NSS Membership Fee

    • Practice Fields

    • Match Field and Referee Costs

    • Practice Uniforms

  • Tournament Fees (3-4 possible tournaments throughout year) - Additional $50/each

  • Payment Plans will be available.

It is our intention that players will not be turned away from the academy because of financial need. Fund-raising and financial aid will be available to help appropriate families.

Academy Sessions

  • Summer – June 29 – August 3, 2022 (5 weeks)

  • Fall – August 15 – November 9, 2022 (12 weeks)

  • Winter – January 9 - February 8, 2023 (5 weeks)

  • Spring – March 6 – May 17, 2023 (12 weeks)


If you are interested in CDA for your player, or might be interested, or have questions – please contact Eric Johnson, CDA Director, at

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