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Griffin Trayford 
Director of Coaching

A Redding native, Griffin Trayford began his soccer career as a U8 player in RYSL where he grew a passion and love for the game of soccer. He made the transition to competitive soccer, now Kaos, and continued through until graduating at U19. He played his High School soccer for the U-Prep Panthers.


After High School, Griffin moved to Bozeman, Montana where he coached for Boseman Blitzz before helping establish the Gallatin Elite Soccer Club (GESC) under Director Joel Ganey. At GESC, Griffin developed a growth-mindset philosophy and love for player development and coaching education. Throughout his coaching career Griffin has been able to work with youth players of all levels from U6 to High School.


RYSL and NSS are excited for Coach Griffin Trayford to get started on developing an organization-wide player development plan for both recreational and competitive players, provide coaching education opportunities to all RYSL and NSS coaches, and elevating the culture within our amazing soccer community.


Please join me in welcoming Director of Coaching Griffin Trayford into his new role.

Club Philosophy

The focus of NSS is to develop young soccer players and introduce them to the four pillars of soccer: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical. Players at this age are like sponges and it is our responsibility to make sure they learn to love the game and develop positive habits and attitudes, which provide the foundations for soccer – and life - excellence down the road.

​The NSS program stresses player development versus results. It is much more important to develop players within the proper framework of their age, as opposed to demanding that teams win at all costs. If the goal is just to win there are shortcuts that coaches can take at the expense of developing the player and the team. By focusing on developing the player, this helps the entire team and success will follow.

We recognize that one of the most important aspects of youth sports is the opportunity to teach important life-lessons to impressionable children. All players have the opportunity to benefit from the values taught through teamwork, effort, responsibility, and commitment. NSS understands that children learn from and are influenced by the adults involved in our organization. Accordingly, we demand the highest standard of behavior from every board member, director, staff member, coach, and volunteer.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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